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When carefully selected Bernese Mountain Dogs are crossed with Poodles, the result is “awwwwdorable!" Bernedoodles.

Full body waggers, from tail to tip of nose, they are the ultimate people pleasers. While they are natural lovers, owner training is very important for any dog to understand boundaries and proper behavior.

adoring and adorable      

Colors: classic tri-color, phantom with contrasting eyebrows to random white markings, bi-colors, sables, merles and sometimes solids.  NOTE: Colors sometimes change as the dog matures!

Coats: some are curly and some are wavy but you can expect low and possibly no shedding. Regardless - you should also expect to spend time on regular grooming to avoid matting.

Size: Standard Bernedoodles 50lbs  -  90lbs.

Mini's - some are not so mini 25 - 49lbs

Micro /Tiny Mini's - under 25lbs

Generations: F1 is the first cross between a Bernese Mt Dog and a Poodle.

I also breed Bernese to Australian Labradoodles for Australian Bernedoodles. 

F1b is a cross back to a Poodle - even more allergy friendly.

F2 is a second generation cross

Multigens are crosses from higher generations.

Temperament: They love their peeps! While eager to please, some can be more sensitive and some more stubborn. I only breed parents with good temperament and we do early socialization so that no Ginger Top Bernedoodle is overly shy or aggressive. We also temperament test to match the right dog for your family.


Life Expectancy: This is still a new hybrid, but larger Bernedoodles can live12-15 years while the smaller dogs possibly living up to 16 years

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