Ginger Top Bernedoodles            home raised, hands on, health guaranteed


F1 Mini and Standard Bernedoodles  $3750.

F1B: Mini Bernedoodles  $3,750.

MultiGen/Teddybear Mini's $3950.00


  • Veterinarian health examination and vet records

  • 2 year genetic health guarantee

  • Parents guaranteed to have sound hips/elbows and genetic testing certification

  • Initial puppy shots

  • De-wormed

  • Micro-chipped

  • Puppies will be raised with “Puppy Culture” high-touch / early socialization

  • Personality tested pups using Volhard Puppy Aptitude test.

  • Starter bag of puppy food.

  • Puppy toy with “mommy smell” for smooth transition to new home

  • Collar and leash

  • All About Bernedoodle book

  • 25% off lifetime Membership with BAXTER & Bella using code GINGERTOP

  • Lifetime support of course!


All of our dogs are genetically tested before breeding.


All parents have had hips/elbows xrayed for soundness.

Until they are old enough, puppies will only be around my dogs or dogs that I know are clear of anything contagious.I have 6 dogs on our 5 enclosed acres. So everyone gets a ton of socialization around other dogs.


Health also includes getting the puppies on the best diet. Our fresh goat milk and a high quality food, my dogs are currently on Taste of the Wild, plus veggies.





Breeding parents with sound temperaments is imperative for me. But  Ginger Top puppies will also be raised IN our home.

I have taken the breeder course PUPPY CULTURE by Jane Killian and a group of experts. Each puppy will be hand raised with her techniques.

Here is a great introduction to her philosophy.

Killian outlines puppies development week by week so breeders know what stimulation and when is best to introduce to the puppy. The program includes exposure not only to children, but to people of all ages and race.

The farm is my job, so I have advantage of being with puppies and momma consistently, ensuring they are well socialized and exposed to variety of sounds and surfaces.


Oh - I can go on! As a breeder I take it seriously not to bring any more dogs into the world without giving them the best advantage. Every dog is a lifetime commitment and I want future owners to have a healthy, well-socialized dog that will truly be their best companion.