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When we receive your deposit for a Ginger Top Bernedoodle, we place your name on a master reservation list, I keep a spreadsheet with indication of size, gender, litter preference. We will keep in touch with all deposit holders of pending litters and due dates. Once puppies are born you elect to pick a puppy from that specific litter within 24 hours or keep your name on the master list for a future litter. The Breeder will reserve the right to hold back up to 2 puppies per litter. Deposits are non refundable unless we cannot fill your request. 



Haynes                      8/18/20   ELLIE/female

C. Thevenot            12/11/20   summer          


Wyrick                      5/10/21  waiting

A. Totemwong        5/24/21  summer 23   

C. Thorpe                     6/17/21 

N. Walcott               9/12/21 summer 23

S.Lamb                     1/17/23 ELLIE

M. Shultz                        ELLIE

SIMON                             ELLIE

R. Hege                          4/3/23 PONYO

Young                             ELLIE





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