Matilda is an F1B Mini Bernedoodle weighing in at 30 lbs.  Our party girl and social butterfly takes ofter her mom, Mika.


Ellie  is an F1B Mini Bernedoodle, 30 lb. bundle of love. It's hard to resist keeping your hands off her soft fleecy coat. She is daughter of our Mika.


Togo is a 40 lb F1 Bernedoodles. A sweet heart and a gentleman, he  attracts attention where ever he goes. Togo is a son of Babalu.

Murph is a 30 lb. happy go lucky Australian Labradoodle. He has a soft fleecy coat and has passed that on to his puppies. Murph is the father of several girls we have kept for our program including Ruby, Luna and Ellie.

Ruby is an F1 ALD Bernedoodle

and will weigh over 50 lbs when mature. She is daughter of Tulsi and Murph inheriting a soft, fleecy coat

and great genetics.

Luna is an F1 ALD Bernedoodle 

and will weigh over 50 lbs when mature. She has a soft, fleecy coat and proving to be smart and goofy, just like her dad, Murph.




Mika is the mother to Matilda and Ellie. She is retired now but has passed on her sweet nature and great genetics. 



Let the wild rumpus start! This girl is our instigator and investigator. When we are outside, she is always on the move



Tulsi is now retired, however we retained 2 of her girls, Ruby and Luna. 



Babalu embraces her Berneseness in every way. She's a goofy, sit on your feet and lean into you, no personal space kind gal. We retained her son, Togo for our breeding program.